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The Unlucky Ones and the Edge of Nowhere

Sonia & Lúcio’s journey together begins in chaos with fear of the unknown weighing heavy on them, but in their quest for freedom, they find friendship, joy, & some of the best memories of their lives. Updates 1-2x a month on Webtoon & Global Comix.


“A gorgeously constructed story about overcoming challenges with the people you care about,” Brahidaliz Martinez for The Geekiary

"A magical road trip was really entertaining, really engaging, and it has queer people and I'm always down to read about queer people," Comadres y Comics podcast

“...When you’re on a road trip, and you’re in between destinations, and time just sort of stands still while the scenery flies by...this comic nails that vibe. It’s a comfort read,” ONeillJones

"The Unlucky Ones and the Edge of Nowhere is a beautiful story of companionship fighting through loneliness. It's truly a thoughtful comic that discusses the roads our lives take us, and the people who join us on the way. Rodriguez effortlessly displays how we handle the cards we've been dealt, and that luck might just be what we make of it," Bria Strothers

"[TUOTEON is] an incredible, heartfelt, desert lonely story,” Kody Okamoto

"Do yourself a favor and read this comic. It has all the warmth of a friend's hug and all the depth of the San Francisco's like pouring love directly into your heart," Sierra Barnes

As the Tide Turns

As the Tide Turns is a short, interactive webcomic created for the MFA in Comics program at California College of the Arts in 2017. 

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